starting OCtober 3rd

Progressive Group Classes - 4 week sessions

NEW SCHEDULE Starts at the beginning of the month.

Group classes are a great way to get started! They are so much fun and easy to do! Here is some details on how to begin.

Registration online is required for each group class session. New group class sessions will begin the first of each month. Class price is $45 per person for 4 of the same group classes. No refunds will be given and everyone must pay on or before the first day of class. If you miss a class we will not allow makeups or refunds. Also, if you sign up with a partner it has to be the same one at registration. Additional guests will have to pay to drop in. Price per class is $15 per person. We recommend starting the first week of class, since group classes will build from the previous class. No partner or experience is needed for beginner group classes. We also do not rotate partners during beginner classes, but we will rotate partners in the intermediate classes.

In the case of bad weather, we will be closed and classes will be canceled with no refunds or make up classes, since the sessions are discounted. If Omaha Public Schools or Millard Public Schools are canceled due to weather, the studio will also close. If it is a weekend class, we will contact the students in the class and post on the studio website on the homepage.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you!