Caution: Side of effects West Coast Swing Dancing

 James and I at our first West Coast event together

James and I at our first West Coast event together



It all started when my fiancé, James (who is amazing at West Coast Swing) took me to my first WC Swing event. I loved the energy, the music, and the people; it was blast. Even though I had fun, I came to realize that my sugar push technique needed a little loving. As soon as I got back to the studio my mission had been become to be a real "West Coasty." 



1. Your personal bubble no longer exists
As soon as I hear a good song I go straight for the closed dance frame. Even if I don’t know who I am dancing with... or his name... or even if he smells. Even the cleanest, most well groomed individual will sweat; it is a fact that the best dancers do perspire because they dance a lot. Getting to dance with someone who has a good lead, makes it all worth it, personal space is no longer my thing these days. 

2. Shopping more at "The Buckle"
Goodbye dresses, HELLO Jeans! Being a ballroom dancer I love to show off my dancer legs, but now I am taking a turn to "Pants City". I love my dresses, but these days if we are going anywhere with a dance floor I want to rock out my anchor step in boot cut jeans. 

3. Abandoning your high heels
For years my dad would give me a hard time about walking around in those really high heels "they are not good for you" he would say. I still bounced around in the highest heals because I love heals, the higher the better. Even if my future self came to me in a dream  and warned me of health issues because of heels,  I still would continue to wear them. Wearing flats was just never my thing.  Now my days of shopping for dance shoes have me looking for the perfect little wide heal that goes well with my jeans. They are so comfy but who have I become? 

4. Addiction to apps such as "Spotify" and "Shazam"
I will pull over, turn off the TV, and tell the person I am talking to stop ( I  say it nicely) if I hear a new  song that I can W.C. swing too. It crucial my playlist is ready for when we have time to dance. A new song to West Coast to be like a honeymoon for my dancing, nothing is worse than forgetting that song. 

5. Drinking less 
Walk in, dance, leave! I always make sure I buy something when I go to a bar. I appreciate venues that provide a good place to dance, but sometimes when I am out dancing I forget about buying a drink. The dance floor is what I crave and whether I try to or not I somehow walk out of a dance event with more money in my pocket, that always nice! On the nights I do have a yummy adult beverage I usually dance it off and feel amazing the next day. Thank you dancing!!!



Beware West Coast Swing can be addicting!! Happy Dances to you!!