How dancing can change your life

I am a firm believer that dancing really does improve the quality of someone's life! I have experienced it, as well as witnessed hundreds of people go through it. As a dance teacher, I get to see how dancing affects people and the goodness it brings to those who stick with it. 

For me, dancing is the only activity that makes me feel both strong and beautiful. When I dance I can completely let go and get into my own little bubble.  My muscles tone up as I rumba, I get to play when I West Coast Swing, and I even get to feel like an athlete when I practice the Jive. There is so many characters you get to explore. You can't help but feel good when you dance. Have you ever seen a sad person moving and grooving on the dance floor? 

When I practice I get a brake from cell phone because I am using my arms while in dance frame. I enjoy the little things like  the rush I get as I step on the dance floor as the music starts. I even get a little nervous when I dance with someone new. I get the same feeling as I do after I workout (bonus dancing burns calories).  On top of everything, I feel at peace. No conversations are needed, just let the music speak. 

 Performing with Don Groesser, The Mayor of Ralston Arena at my charity event "Dancing with the Omaha Stars" 

Performing with Don Groesser, The Mayor of Ralston Arena at my charity event "Dancing with the Omaha Stars" 

In 2014 I took some time unexpected time off from dancing.  At the age of 31, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had surgery.  I was not able to do much physically so my options were limited on how I spent my time.  Without being able to dance "the fun thing to do" was to eat or get a drink. That's all people seemed to do who were not into dancing.  Going week to week without  it was so boring. 

 7 days after surgery! I beat thyroid cancer! 

7 days after surgery! I beat thyroid cancer! 

Trust me, I get tired and I love to relax my toes.  I don't dance everyday, but I try to dance as often as I can. I enjoy other activities such as running, yoga, networking, and charity work but nothing else makes me feel as good as when I dance. 

 After googling "the benefits of ballroom dancing" I found these to be the most popular answers. 

·         Improves posture

·         Burns calories

·         Prevents memory Loss

·         Relieves stress

·         Increases flexibility

·         Helps with coordination

The list goes on and on.

Even though the list is true, it barely scratches the surface of what dancing can offer. When you step outside of the box (and into a waltz box step) you really gain so much more than just fancy footwork. 

 At a dance event the typical stereotypes such as age, looks, or financial status does not factor on who you interact with in this setting. You learn to love all types of people and you can be yourself. It really opens up your eyes and make it easy to find the good in people as you search for a good lead or follow.  


Connection is really awesome when you find it.  You can travel anywhere in the world and not even know the language, but if you know how to dance you you can feel at home anywher in the world.  Unlike the television show "The Bachelor" dancing gives you genuine connection with real people! Its feels good to share your passion with others. 

Research shows that getting a "pat on the back" or receiving a hug does more than just words can do alone.  A simple dance frame brings people together without being too invasive. 

Did you know that dancing can heal a broken heart?  People who are  going through tough times seek dancing to better themselves and it usually works. So many people end up meeting the love of their life at a group class or a dance event.  For years I watched as my students got coupled up. So many people found a lifetime of happiness just by putting themselves out there.  I always wished for that same kind of love and sure enough, I found it through dancing.

I met James at a dance competition and was head over heals the first time we west coast swing'd. Meeting him changed my life, I never met anyone like him. Dancing has always been fun, but dancing with someone you want to share the rest of your life with is PRICELESS. There is no better feeling than dancing with him.  I count my blessings everday for having met my partner in life and on the dance floor.

 Meeting James at the Nebraska Invitational

Meeting James at the Nebraska Invitational

 Getting engaged outside the Bellagio in Las Vegas

Getting engaged outside the Bellagio in Las Vegas


I always say "the most difficult step in dancing, is the first one yor take through the front door".  Let yourself enjoy life by doing the little things you love. Don't stop yourself because you think you are not good enough or you don't have partner. Dance for you and good things will come along. Make the time and enjoy every step of the way!